Phung Kaham yapharjao, (Good morning)
Kraksal 3, Taluang 1426 Tring
Ujjayanta palace: Built by King Radha Kishore Manikya in 1901 A.D.

Discover Tripura

Covering an area of ~10,491 km² Tripura is the smallest hilly state in the North-East region of India. Click to know more ...

Flora & Fauna

Some iconic beauty of Tripura - Ujjayanta palace, Nirmahal (twijhilikma), Unakoti. Get along with nature at Jampui hill.

Dance & Festival

They are peace loving people. Rich in culture and tradition. They celebrate Goria, tharchibrwi (kharchi) ,Hojagiri, Tring ...

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